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The PANION EV Transition Tool (EVT) combined with our expert consulting transforms your fleet into a sustainable e-fleet – CO2 reductions and positive image included.

Discover how your company can lead the future of fleet management with both business savvy and sustainability. PANION: one partner, all in one solution.

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Facts through collected data inform your company’s fleet electrification potential – with your PANION consultant as interpreter. With a modular, ready-to-run software solution, EVT provides an open road to blaze your e-transition trail.

Get specifics and clarity in managing sustainability potentials as you progress on your fleet’s transition to EVs. The PANION EV Transition Tool quantifies the actual emissions for each vehicle, charting your CO2 reduction goals clearly. Leading the way in reducing your fleet’s eco-footprint benefits the planet and your positive image – for a future-proof business strategy.

A comprehensive range of consulting is available upon request – from infrastructure planning to subsidy advice or redrafting your car policy to name a few. Of course, we ensure a smooth and simple integration of our software solutions into your current systems and structure.

The future of mobility is electric. Start your fleet’s journey to electrification sooner rather than later with an expert consultation – insightful, pioneering, and free.






PANION is fast becoming a global authority in the transformation & management of e-fleets. We enable a diversity of customers to solve their e-mobility challenges with our blend of expert consulting, modular software and data-driven solutions.

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We are your comPANION in fleet electrification, to simplify an otherwise complicated process. We answer your questions on funding opportunities or changes to car policies and offer introductory workshops on electromobility or the implementation of sustainability strategies. Everything from a single source.

Based on the fleet analysis, EVT assesses the parking behavior of the vehicles and advises you on optimal charging infrastructure and charging management. The infrastructure analysis provides information on:

  • Location and frequency of eligible charging stations at desired locations.
  • Types of charging stations and manufacturers as well as charging and load management specifications.
  • Optimization potential in fleet charging management.
PANION energy going out of a mobile phone that has the Driver App of PANION installed

This is how EVT works

With the help of our Driver App, the daily journeys of your fleet’s vehicles are measured by using sensor data in the driver’s mobile device and the app vehicle data. The EV Transition Tool can also easily evaluate your current historical or telemetry data. Data is collected over a period of one to three months and made visible via the fleet management dashboard. Our user-centric dashboard displays your information and answers questions like: What percentage of my fleet can be sensibly replaced by electric vehicles? Which EV models are eligible per vehicle? How much CO2 can I save through the transition? All data is processed anonymously for each vehicle via the Driver App – so drivers always have full transparency, making it GDPR compliant.

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The Power behind PANION

As a corporate startup of ABB, PANION is backed by the power of a leading technology company committed to transforming society and industry for a more productive and sustainable future. ABB is a global market leader in electrification, robotics, automation and drive technology.

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