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A smooth e-transformation for your fleet starts with the data-driven PANION EV Transition Tool and our consulting service

Discover the electrification potential of your fleet with our EV Transition Tool (EVT) and consulting service – delivering data-driven simplicity, efficiency and sustainability for tomorrow.

PANION | EV Transition Tool | Fleet Management Software

We simplify complexity in fleet transition with facts to convince any stakeholder: Data! Using the actual driving profiles of your fleet, EVT assesses which vehicles are suitable for replacement by electric vehicles – including EV-model recommendations.

The PANION EV Transition Tool enables you to quantify the advantages of switching to EVs based on the actual CO2 emissions of each vehicle. Manage sustainability by determining CO2 reductions as your transition to electric fleets progresses.

Get started with our initial free consultation introduction to PANION. We are always on hand to guide you in interpreting data usefully or providing tool tutorials. Further consulting ranges from infrastructure planning and recommendations about grants and subsidies, to redrafting your car policy.

The future is e-mobility. Come lead the change with us as your comPANION, starting with an insightful, expert consultation.






PANION is fast becoming a global authority in the transformation & management of e-fleets. We enable a diversity of customers to solve their e-mobility challenges with our blend of expert consulting, modular software and data-driven solutions.

PANION energy going out of a mobile phone that has the Driver App of PANION installed

Fleet analysis data informs about fleet movement & parking to assess optimal charging infrastructure management.

• Charging station location frequency and charge location requirements.
• Optimising your fleet charging and load management.
• Recommendations on the best-suited charging-technology manufacturers and models.

We guide you in moving to an electrified fleet by simplifying an otherwise complex process. We support you in questions of grants & subsidies, changes to your car policy and electrification workshops on up to the realisation and introduction of sustainability strategies.

PANION energy going out of a mobile phone that has the Driver App of PANION installed

This is how EVT works

EVT starts by gathering data about your fleet activity to form a baseline and overall picture.

• Our driver app + beacon hardware tracks only fleet movement data, not full telematics, making it GDPR compliant.
• Analysis works by monitoring movement data or uses your own telematic historical data so that you are in control.

The fleet analysis delivers accurate data to inform you on key factors of transforming to EVs.

• Which vehicles, and how many to electrify first.
• The best suited EV-models for your fleet – completely manufacturer independent.
• The potential CO2 emissions savings.

The EV Transition Tool and dashboard is designed intuitively and ensures transparency for all users, from fleet managers through to drivers.

Dashboard of the PANION platform on a laptop

The power behind PANION

As a corporate startup of ABB, PANION is backed by the power of a leading technology company committed to transforming society and industry for a more productive and sustainable future. ABB is a global market leader in electrification, robotics, automation and drive technology.

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