The Future is Electrifying

The future of transportation is electric. As your comPANION, we empower companies to guide the way to a sustainable and profitable, future-proof business in electric & mixed fleets. Powered by our PANION Transition, PANION Charging & PANION Fleet software tools and expert guidance — we charge your way to fleet electrification.

Our vision is to be a global authority in future digital fleet management and electrification, and together with you, get a world of sustainable fleets rolling.

PANION Software

PANION Transition

Empower fleet managers to identify and replace ICEs with EVs.

PANION Charging
Streamline your energy management and identify gaps in charging.

Optimize your driver’s day by effectively assisting their needs and responsibilities.

PANION Transition

A smooth journey to fleet electrification starts with our software & expert guidance approach.
The PANION Transition tool analyzes your current fleet data and assesses e-vehicle readiness & transition potential, recommends replacement EVs and tracks CO2 emissions reductions. PANION Transition provides sound data for decision-strong insights for electrification planning with our expert guidance as your comPANION — business continuity guaranteed.

PANION Charging

A smart & efficient EV charging infrastructure is key to future-proof any electrified fleet.
A precise algorithm and user-centric design combine to effectively manage your e-fleet charging complexities. PANION Charging monitors energy & charge status, manages fleet assets and mediates tasks & error handling. Data-driven automation and a modular structure enables speed & simplicity in otherwise complex charging grid operations.

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Our next solution for managers & drivers to lead the change to a cutting-edge EV fleet.
PANION Fleet continues your EV and fleet progression with a fully integrated organization & communication tool — with a few smart surprises in store.


As a corporate startup of ABB, we’re charged by the unparalleled hardware and operations experience of a global electrification leader. We mix this with our fast, agile and customer-centric approach, resulting in electrification, charging and fleet software & planning built to futureproof.

Electrification is a complex and ever-changing world. A world that calls for agility, expertise and dedication. It also calls for a progressive, dynamic comPANION to help you lead the way into the age of electrification and a world of sustainable transport. We’re here to guide you.
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