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PANION EV Transition Tool

PANION enables you to navigate through the complexities of fleet electrification!

Gain all the important insights into how to choose the right electric vehicles, how to set up your charging strategy efficiently and how to reach your sustainability goals.

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About The Product

Transitioning a fleet can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor: from assessing a fleet’s EV readiness over choosing the right electric vehicles to setting up a charging strategy that works best for the specific needs of your fleet.

Fleet electrification should not be a guessing game. Based on the actual driving profile of your fleet, we support fleet managers with the insights needed for each step of fleet electrification. To make this process as smooth as possible, PANION will collect all the relevant data on current vehicles and provide an analysis of their electrification suitability.

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Assess Fleet EV Readiness

Fight range anxiety for good – get all the information needed to convince stakeholders on the practical possibility of going electric. Based on the actual driving profile of your fleet, we help you to determine which EVs are suitable for the specific requirements of your fleet.

Analysis of CO2 Savings

PANION/EV Transition allows you to quantify the environmental benefits of going electric based on the real CO2 consumption of each vehicle usage and determines the amount of CO2 emissions that can be saved switching to EV. We calculate the exact CO2 emission rate of each vehicle so you can easily sum up your fleet’s entire carbon dioxide output.
CO2 emmission savings pie chart - EV replacement and additional emmission
Dashboard of the PANION EVT platform showcasing fleet requirements and vehicle specifications.

EV Model Recommendation

No need to visit multiple OEM/screen hundreds of EV models. We help you to identify the EV models that are best suited to fit your fleet requirements and provide you with the essential vehicle specs. Our database relies on effective range – so you can make sure your vehicles will cover the necessary ranges indifferent to weather, traffic situations or extra weight