EV charge planning — the data-driven solution to your charging worries

people with tablet and mobile phones with blurred highway lights superimposed to show speed and data transfer.

Commercial fleets still see numerous challenges when switching to e-mobility. One of them in particular is charge planning. But is that such a big deal? Let’s take a look! It’s clear that the shift for transport companies to electric vehicles will be a massive contribution toward a sustainable climate. And it also makes more and more […]

Meeting the challenges of vehicle electrification: Part 3 — charging infrastructure

Aerial view of curvy highway set in green surroundings

Charging & infrastructure are still lacking to allay some people’s fears of range anxiety. But for EV fleets especially, smart planning and digitalization is key.    This is the last of a 3-part blog series on the challenges of vehicle electrification.  Read part 1 — on the challenges of electric vehicle transition Read part 2 — on the […]

Winning strategies for sustainable fleet management

Fleet of trucks with cargo trailers. A red truck in front, the leader concept. Transport, shipping industry. 3D illustration

Success in sustainable fleet operation is the result of a well-considered, well-executed plan. But how can you plan when so much changes so quickly and so often? Currently, every fleet manager is facing the effects of geopolitical uncertainty, surging energy prices, growing congestion and ongoing supply chain shortages. Compounding these already challenging issues is the […]

The 5 biggest biases about e-fleets — and what the reality is

Like any technological innovation, the electrification of mobility also must contend with bias, preconceptions and even downright myths. Whether industrialization, the development of mass-transit or the digital revolution: if we’d only listened to the critics and skeptics, we’d still be riding around in oxcarts and computing with slide-rules.  In the case of e-mobility, certain biases […]

EV transition for climate and business sustainability

Illustration of skyscrapers on green countryside with icons showing electrification and climate symbols connected by lines

The transition to electric vehicles is a vital stretch on the road to climate sustainability. But it’s also a smart and rational move in ensuring business sustainability.  The road to sustainability is a bumpy one, full of hairpin turns and potentially treacherous terrain. The destination (net zero) is on the horizon but getting there will […]

The race to electrify and EV subsidies in Germany

Electric car being charged with an EV charger

Leaders of the pack As combustion vehicle sales & production took a nose-dive during the pandemic, EVs have boomed year-on-year. Until 2020, the big 3 movers in EV stock were China, Europe and the USA — with Europe now leading the pack in new EV registrations. Statistics for 2021 are still pending but expect exponential […]

EV range anxiety?
Know the facts, not the myths

Long, empty highway with mountain and desert surroundings

The perception of EV range anxiety may be real, but the facts tell a different story. Recently, we at PANION carried out a study interviewing owners & managers of companies across Germany that use transport fleets. The insights were enlightening. They were also sometimes surprising. One surprise stood out: Range anxiety is still a top […]